RS Presents “Office Without Boundaries” at the 2016 Asia Workspace Innovation Summit

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On 1 September, at the 2016 Asia Workspace Innovation Summit in Shanghai, Silvia Minciarelli and Yaching Hsueh, Robarts Spaces Creative Director and Partner (Interior Design), respectively, gave a keynote presentation on “Office Without Boundaries” highlighting Robarts Spaces’ experience and learnings with Activity-Based Working (ABW) design. 

Their joint presentation, itself a symbol of the collaboration at the heart of ABW, featured four Robarts Spaces projects with ABW design for a range of clients including an international management consultancy, a premier China-based law firm, and international product manufacturing company. Various ABW design considerations and approaches were illustrated and shared. Interwoven through these project overviews was a poignant story of an employee who transitioned from a traditional to ABW office and discovered not only a new physical environment but a greater sense of community and connectedness in the space.