Karl Storz China Center

Shanghai | 1,885 sqm | 2020
The design of Karl Storz Shanghai offices is inspired by the flow of tradition, merging German heritage and aesthetics in a contemporary Chinese context, with strong visualization of their brand and logo colors. The large lobby area features a multi-faceted digital exhibition, sharing the company’s history, innovation, and latest products, celebrating the milestones from the foundation to the future of the company. Spaces are created with openness and transparency, acknowledging the diversity of Karl Storz's partners and team by inviting opportunities for knowledge exchange and informal dialogue. The range of spaces including a mezzanine VIP lounge area with projection theatre, meeting rooms, and training spaces, all flexible to the users’ needs. A brick wall rises up through the central space, crafted from materials reclaimed from buildings previously on the site, transforming memories of the past into new experiences.