International Management Consultants Shenzhen

Name withheld by request

Shenzhen | 950 sqm | 2019
This client's new Shenzhen office, set in a metropolis of youth, energy, and innovation, is created with an equally strong sense of style and passion and is evocative of the city’s southern, tropical environment. Forsaking a traditional reception area and desk, visitors first experience a long, illuminated, multilayered glass wall as a focal point. The work café has a relaxed feel and can be shared by colleagues and clients for collaboration and inspiration. The space is highly flexible and features a variety of settings and a diversity of furniture selections for events, learning, sharing, and socializing, including a library area, staged seating for townhall meetings. An enlarged spiral chandelier, which evolved from the horn of the "unicorn", hovers over a long table as a key feature space.