Finding Beauty_01

Finding Beauty

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Finding Beauty_01

How do we transform a challenging, isolating experience into an opportunity to get closer and more connected, honoring those who are sacrificing so much for China and the world?

Over the last weeks we at Robarts Spaces have been admiring beauty found in our homes, outside our windows, and in the moments we may not usually observe, capturing photos and videos and sharing them with each other.

Beauty always brings healing and hope. Peering through different lenses, we are reminded that beauty comes from diverse perspectives, including the simplest ones.

As we shared, an idea emerged: “What if we invite our clients, collaborators and friends to join with us in Finding Beauty?”

We imagine many of you are also observing the beauty in this unique period and invite you share photos, videos, poems, and other reflections with us.

We will share these images, videos, and reflections every other week for the coming weeks via our official WeChat and LinkedIn accounts. Submissions can be shared anonymously. Please send yours to (smaller than 10M).

Once the situation allows, we hope to come together for an exhibition of all submissions, to celebrate unity, courage, and strength.

We look forward to sharing beauty and hope with you all!