Robarts Spaces Keynotes Guangzhou Design Week_01

Robarts Spaces Keynotes Guangzhou Design Week

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Robarts Spaces Keynotes Guangzhou Design Week_01

Robarts Spaces Partner and Design Director, Yaching Hsueh, and Design Director, Wang Yi, were featured as keynote speakers at Guangzhou Design Week.

Their presentation focused on Robarts Spaces co-creation with Swire for their new Beijing workplace, sharing the extensive collaboration which began with a series of workshops with a wide range of Swire employees, leading to a design focused on collaboration, welllness, and sustainability.

Several months after the workplace was completed, Robarts Spaces conducted a rigorous Post-Occupancy Evaluation with Swire which evaluated usage, staff satisfaction, and achievement of project goals. Learnings from the Post Occupancy Evaluation are being used in the design for an expansion to the workplace, and can subsequently be used in across Swire's new workplaces.

This collaborative ongoing process of co-creation, analysis, and learning breaks through the boundaries of traditional design and build, offering innovation to both design and workplace strategy. For more information, please click here.