Exploring Limitless Possibilities --- CBC Group Shanghai Office_01

Exploring Limitless Possibilities --- CBC Group Shanghai Office

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Exploring Limitless Possibilities --- CBC Group Shanghai Office_01

Robarts Spaces Design Director Wang Yi and Senior Interior Designer Zhang Zhenru were invited as keynote speakers by the Nanjing Forum 2022 on office design trends. They shared CBC Group Shanghai Office, a recent Robarts Spaces design and build project.

CBC Group Shanghai Incubation Center challenges and explores the traditional office space, acting as a dialogue for workplace “transformation” during the Covid pandemic.

The new workplace is located in prosperous Shanghai Jing’an district. The design aspires to attract the energy from the city and create an immersive oasis in the concrete jungle. The space allows people to gather, reinvigorate, communicate, and be inspired.

Upon arrival, the guest is immediately welcomed by either a handcrafted coffee or personal greeting from a team member, in contrast to a traditional reception. Guests and employees can select their seating as they wish. Greenery is ever present. The warm palette and detailed service of this new space provides all with a feeling of comfort, rejuvenation, and healing from the fast-paced metropolis.

Across the elevator lobby, extreme simplicity and purity is purposely designed into the space. Light marble and earth tone furniture are used to give a first impression of stability, reliability and strength as the core values of CBC Healthcare Infrastructure Platform.

In the open office area, private offices are placed near the building core, allowing staff at the open workstations full access to natural light. The warmth and comfort of the entire space are achieved through design and deep cooperation with the client by putting the wellbeing of all staff and guests at the forefront.