Rs Steelcase Bj Bbso Entry

Steelcase "Big Boss Smart Office" Competition Award Night

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Rs Steelcase Bj Bbso Entry

On 3rd December 2015, Robarts Spaces received first prize at the Steelcase Big Boss Smart Office (BBSO) awards presentation. Our two teams from Beijing and Shanghai really enjoyed the opportunity to research, re-think and, design an executive office of the future (only 100sqm), for a next generation CEO of a development company, in a first-tier Chinese city.

In addition to the chance to reflect on the future of work and the work of the future, at least for company leadership, we had a great night at Steelcase’s exhibition space showcasing innovative designs for China’s future. Hopefully this will be useful to future projects and our interaction with Chinese CEOs, as it is estimated that 3 million private enterprises in China will be handing reins of power to the next generation over the next 5-10 years.

Our winning competition entry was submitted in the form of a short video, which can be seen on YouKu.