China PnR

Shanghai | 14,000 sqm | 2016
China PnR, is a rapidly growing financial services company, with a strong vision towards future and technology. This forward thinking has inspired a galactic theme which is embodied in the company logo. This theme is further developed in the stunning reception area. Exquisite back-lit onyx stone and vaulted ceilings echo the modern, minimalistic and powerful ambience throughout the space.A double-height opening at the reception breaks the floorplate to allow energy to flow between the different floors. A staircase sets in the middle of the building to further reinforce this connection. The staircase becomes the centre of activity as around it are meeting rooms, training centers, pantries as well as break-out areas. This was designed to become the communication centre of the company, as it stresses not only the connection of space, but also the people and their spirit.