Fangda Partners Shanghai

Shanghai | 626 sqm | 2018
This office design reflects the diversity and pulse of the city. Instead of a long conventional reception desk, the concierge desk is made of two hand-sculpted marble cubes, connected with a fine polished bronze counter that becomes a piece of art in the space. The understated logo on leather wall panels, along with the leather center pivot doors, represents elegance, quality and attention to details. One of the key ideas is to allow an experimental area where partners and lawyers can work collaboratively as a team and develop mentoring and learning in the process. The innovative design concept to facilitate this is by creating the shared city ‘piazza’ or Fangda Square, where people collaborate and also enjoy social connections and activities. Each Square is surrounded by work bays and meeting rooms where team work and discussions take place. They contribute to a working ecosystem of spaces, a sense of energized engagement and belonging, especially among the young lawyers.