Guanheng Law Firm

Beijing | 2,160 sqm | 2023
Guanheng Law Firm occupies a commanding position on the upper floors of the China Jin Building, overlooking the expansive BJ Dawangjing Park. With a 360-degree panorama, the staff and guests enjoy abundant natural light that casts a nuanced play of shadows across its space. We strive to blend curved surfaces with defined lines, creating a harmonious equilibrium upon impact. The reception area seamlessly spans the entire open layout, serving as a versatile, multifunctional space for both client receptions and upscale academic exchanges. The design incorporates gracefully curved and organic ceilings, enhanced by embedded mirror stainless steel, fostering a sense of fluidity and continuity throughout the space. This thoughtful approach caters to diverse settings, providing lawyers and clients with an environment adapted to their unique needs. The water bar area features a calming blue natural marble wall with a warm water pattern, harmonizing with the surroundings and offering a serene refuge in the midst of a bustling work environment.