Shui On Land Headquarters

Shanghai | 5,300 sqm | 2020
The Shui On Shanghai headquarters project is a social renaissance effort, respecting cultural heritage with a new perspective. Vincent Lo ( 罗康瑞), Founder and Chairman of Shui On Group was inspired by Richard Bach’s book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. As the book’s protagonist, Jonathan is a brave, persistent seagull who strives to excel and pursue the truth and beauty despite hardship representing the same spirit of Shui On. The "lighthouse" concept was adopted as the main design element, it becomes the landmark and center of the whole space, which not only connects the moving lines of the inner three floors, but also serves as the visual focus of each visitor. "Lighthouse" applies bright and clean curved white brick as the surface to continue the traditional brick and tile XinTianDi old buildings style. The curved tiles, resembling the wings of a seagull, grow from the ground floor all the way to the ceiling, with its numbers decreasing in the process of ascending.