SonoScape Hygeia Innovation Center

Shanghai | 2,756 sqm | 2024
The SonoScape Hygeia Innovation Center seamlessly blends precision and hygiene with the serenity of nature. Created in collaboration with Robarts Spaces, it showcases excellence in medical technology and design. The lobby, featuring a stunning U-channel glass wall, sets the tone with its sleek design. Behind it lies the heart of the center, showcasing integrated diagnosis and treatment solutions, while also serving as a hub for exploration and learning. The workplace, characterized by a clean ceiling design and indirect LED lighting, promotes focus and productivity. Green accents throughout the center symbolize nature's vitality, adding freshness and renewal. Craftsmanship is celebrated through textured artisan paint, striking a balance between modernity and warmth. At its core, the design emphasizes balance between cutting-edge science and the timeless allure of nature, inviting visitors on a journey of exploration.