Tongchuang Shanghai Psychological Clinic

Shanghai | 2,781 sqm | 2023
Robarts Spaces had the privilege to design the Tongchuang Shanghai Psychological Clinic, the pioneering licensed youth psychological clinic in Shanghai. Our vision was to craft a therapeutic environment that encourages healing and self-reflection, nurturing a space that promotes safety, comfort, and openness. Our aim was to facilitate the therapeutic process, encouraging young individuals to seek and engage with mental health support. Thus, the design of psychological clinics for youth demands thoughtful consideration, encompassing not only aesthetics but also the psychological and emotional impact on those who utilize these spaces.The atmosphere at Tongchuang silently communicates a language of empathy, where every corner conveys a message of open-heartedness and open-mindedness. The clinic is indeed a space where everyone feels welcome, and most importantly is a nurturing environment for these youth where they are supported to turn their struggles into stepping stones towards a brighter future.