Insights on Mind Health 6

Insights on Mind Health – Robarts Spaces Collaborates with Tongchuang Youth Psychology Clinic in Shanghai

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Insights on Mind Health 6

Robarts Spaces recently participated in a presentation hosted by Shanghai Tongchuang Youth Psychology Clinic to share insights on mental health. The clinic, thoughtfully designed by Robarts Spaces, aims to positively impact psychological spaces for youth. During the event, Wangyi, Partner and Design Director at Robarts Spaces, introduced the project's design and underlying philosophy.

The presentation went beyond aesthetics, delving into the profound psychological and emotional impact these clinics can have on their users. Adam Robarts, Founder and CEO of Robarts Spaces, contributed by engaging the audience in a thoughtful discussion on the growth versus pleasure mindset.

Adam shared a personal journey supporting his son through cancer, offering a reflection on the separation of the body, thoughts, and feelings from one's true self. Using the metaphor of the earth's relationship to the sun, Adam illustrated that, much like the sun's independence from the earth's conditions, the soul remains undeterred by illness or mortality. Recognizing not only the physical aspects but also the emotional well-being of individuals utilizing such spaces is crucial, as caregivers can offer patients a sense of wholeness and nobility. The audience found resonance in the powerful metaphor and its implications for designing spaces that cater to the holistic needs of the youth.

Professor Du, founder, and shareholder of Tongchuang clinic, took the opportunity to share Tongchaung's mission, reinforcing the clinic's commitment to its transformative role in youth mental health. The collaborative efforts showcased during the presentation highlighted an innovative approach to psychological clinic design.

The event concluded with a sense of purpose, leaving the audience thoughtful and inspired by Robarts Spaces' thoughtful concepts and Adam's insightful reflections on the intersection of design, psychology, and personal growth.

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